Les prioritats d’Obama

La setmana passada Obama s’asseia en un plató de la CNN per respondre a les preguntes de Wolf Blitzer. I ho va fer forma clara i concisa, cosa que s’agraeix donat el llenguatge eminentment buit que ocupa la política darrerament. Aquesta és la resposta a la pregunta sobre els 5 temes prioritaris:

BLITZER: Priorities are going to be critical. I’m going to give you five issues. You tell me which one of these five would be your top priority after you’re inaugurated on January 20th — if you’re inaugurated. Health care reform, energy independence, a new tax code, including tax cuts for the middle class, education spending or comprehensive immigration reform. Top priority?
OBAMA: The top priorities may not be any of those five. It may be continuing to stabilize the financial system. We don’t know yet what’s going to happen in January. And none of this can be accomplished if we continue to see a potential meltdown in the banking system or the financial system. So that’s priority one, making sure that the plumbing works in our capitalist system.

Priority number two of the list that you have listed — have put forward, I think has to be energy independence. We have to seize this moment, because it’s not just an energy independence issue, it’s also a national security issue and it’s a jobs issue. And we can create five million new green energy jobs with a serious program.
Priority number three would be health care reform. I think the time is right to do it.
Priority number four is making sure that we have tax cuts for the middle class and it’s part of a broader tax reform effort.
Priority number five, I think would be — would be making sure that we have an education system that works for all children.
One thing I want to make a point of, though. The tax cut that I talked about may be part of my priority number one, because I think that’s going to be part of stabilizing the economy as a whole. I think we are going to need a second stimulus. One of my commitments is to make sure that that stimulus includes a tax cut for 95 percent of working Americans. That may be the first bill that I introduce.

Així doncs el tema es resumeix en actuar dins del sistema financer, aconseguir la independència energètica mitjançant energies renovables, la reforma del sistema de salut americà, la retallada d’impostos per a les classes mitjanes i un canvi en el sistema impositiu i la revisió del sistema educatiu. Caldrà veure com se’n surt a partir del proper Gener i quines són les polítiques concretes per dur a terme aquestes prioritats. De moment però, la intenció és bona.

One response to “Les prioritats d’Obama

  1. Si tira endavant les propostes en sanitat i educació podrem començar a parlar de canvi.Si aconsegueix la meitat del que vol en energia estarem parlant d’una revolució.

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